Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting to Know Jayson!

Fifteen amazing, interesting facts about Jayson:

1. Just won the school science fair.
2. Likes participating in sports - basketball, football & baseball.
3. Loves BYU - GO COUGARS!! Writes his name with the BYU "Y" in the middle.
4. Favorite food is "anything mom makes."
5. Likes to boat: tube, ski and kneeboard!
6. Likes to read.
7. Has earned his Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts.
8. Likes to watch football, basketball & AFV.
9. Enjoys playing video games when his mom will let him.
10. Mows lawns for money (in the summer,of course).
11. Once when he was 2, he stripped off all his clothes and ran outside to stand in the weeds.
12. Was born 2 weeks early and still weighed 10 lbs. 3 oz.!
13. Likes to play with friends.
14. Most favorite trip... DISNEY WORLD!
15. Can walk his glasses up his nose... Ask for a free demonstration!


Lynda said...

You are such a cute kid! Loved the grin on your picture by the frig. Congrats on your science fair project. The Binghams really know how to be winners. Best of luck to you and Amaya in March. It is fun to be the grandma to such super good kids. And you are all as nice and kind and obedient as you are smart.
Love, Grandma Bingham

tookiecramer said...

I would like to add...

Jayson makes a really wierd looking old lady.

Jayson is a favorite cousin of my kids.

Jayson is hilarious.