Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting To Know Kyla!

15 wonderful things about Kyla!

1.  She likes to do gymnastics!
2.  She just learned how to do her kip on the uneven bars about a month ago.
3.  She likes art... painting and drawing.
4.  Her favorite color is hot pink.
5.  Her favorite treat is cinnamon rolls.
6.  Her favorite food is her mom's "Cafe Bingham" salad (like Cafe Rio's pork salad).
7.  She loves going to family reunions.
8.  She likes to cook.
9.  She likes to sew.
10.  She likes to play with her friends... especially Amber and Jennie.
11.  She likes playing machine pitch softball.
12.  She likes swimming.
13.  She likes boating.
14. Her favorite place she has been is... DISNEYWORLD!
15.  She has cute dimples!


Maureen said...

I like your dimples too, and I especially like you!
Grandma 'A"

tookiecramer said...

I would like to add...

Kyla is real, real flexible.

Kyla is good at holding babies.

Kyla is a little daredevil on the lake.

Kyla is going to be the cutest little olypmian ever.