Friday, February 20, 2009

And the winners are....

The Bingham science fair winning streak continues! Amaya and Jayson both won at the school level and will continue on to the district science fair on March 3rd.

Jayson researched the accuracy of eyewitness testimony.

Amaya studied different methods of water purification and their effectiveness.

Way to go kids!


Maureen said...

Amaya and Jayson I'm impressed with your science projects. It look's like you did a super job! Way to go!
Grandma "A"

tookiecramer said...

Oh, the Bingham dominance at Science Fairs continues...and Binghams are by far the least nerdy kids there. I have a little tear. Just some advice for district - if you are doing your science fair on identifying microbes. DO NOT... i repeat...DO NOT grow some of your blood on a petri dish and identify all the microorganisms. The bugs are not from your blood or you would be dead and the judge will not be impressed. DOH! It still hurts after all these years.

Shellie Olsen said...

Hey way to go Binghams!!!!! Always impressive. We missed Amaya at mutual on tuesday, but the sacrifices must be made for the betterment of mankind and the scientific world.