Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a crazy weekend we had. Kyla had her first gymnastics meet on Friday up in Salt Lake and Amaya had her first volleyball tournament (club) up in Ogden, at the same time. That made for a bit of a parent scheduling conflict. Since Amaya's tourny was on Saturday too, she ended up going with a friend and her dad and we stayed with Kyla.

Kyla did really well, especially considering it was her first meet and she didn't quite know what to expect. Here are a few photos and videos for those of you who care.

After the meet was another adventure. As we started home (around 9pm) on super snowy, slick roads, I got a HYSTERICAL (screaming and crying) call from Amaya that went something like this:
Amaya: "Mom, WHERE ARE YOU?!!!"
Mom: "What happened"
Amaya: "WHERE ARE YOU?!!!"
Mom: "were you in a wreck?"
Amaya: "YES"
Mom: Were you hurt?"
Amaya: "NO!"
Mom: "Was Jenny hurt?"
Amaya: "NO"
Mom: "Was her dad hurt?"
Amaya: "NO"
Mom: "If everyone is fine, settle down! All that matters is that everyone is okay! Settle down, stop crying!
At that point I pulled of the freeway at the prison and called Jared (we were in 2 cars) and he joined me to wait and try to figure out if one of us was going to have to turn around and go to Ogden to rescue her. Luckily they got ahold of another mom who was at the tournament and she was able to give them a ride home. We both had left around 9pm, and we got home at 11pm and Amaya at 1am. That was a LONG night of worry!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday Fun!

We have had several fun days of tubing/snowboarding with family during the holiday break. The first day was with Jared's sister's family at Fairview. It was a lot of fun. The boys got to try out the snowboards they got for Christmas and we borrowed one for Kyla to try. She actually picked it up quite quickly.

We went out again on Wednesday at Gladstan golf course with my sister-in-law and her kids and had a blast. Of course that day I forgot my camera. Luckily they agreed to go again today with my sister's family (Thanks Steve and Melissa!). We had a lot of fun, as you can see for yourself.

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Not because of what we received, but because of our wonderful kids and our family! We are truly blessed! I so grateful for the blessings I receive because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. These are just a few Christmas memories of the ones I love...