Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting to Know Bryce!

Today is Bryce's 13th birthday. Happy Birthday Bryce! Here are 15 things about Bryce:

1. Excellent piano player, whether he likes to admit it or not.
2. Has earned the rank of LIFE in scouting.
3. Loves to read, was reading by the age of 3.
4. Plays the wii guitar on "expert" and scores high.
5. Likes to play all kinds of games... Killer Bunnies, Settlers, Ticket to Ride, etc.
6. Enjoys playing most sports.
7. Prefers contacts over glasses.
8. Oldest son, 2nd child.
9. He likes cheese.
10. He is a handsome teenager (says his cousin and his mom).
11. Has a secret admirer.
12. He hates flip flops.
13. He got straight A's last semester (all A's and one A- the term before).
14. Recently ran his ipod shuffle through the wash (he was doing his own wash, however!).
15. One foggy day about a week ago he had the following conversation:
Bryce: Look how bright the moon is today!
Dad: That's because it is the sun!


Marcie said...

Happy Birthday Bryce. Congrats on your life rank...Eagle here you come.

Lynda said...

Hope your birthday was the best. It is so awesome that you have already earned your Life rank. It's a great plan to get that Eagle award while you are 13 or 14. We're proud of you. Love how you play the guitar and the piano. You've got the touch for sure.

Love you lots.
G Ma Bingham

Maureen said...

I agree Bryce, you are a handsome teenager, with alot of good works to your credit! Keep AIMing High!
Grandma 'A'

tookiecramer said...

I would like to add..

Bryce looks crazily alike to his adopted Marshallese cousin Eddie (ha ha cousin Eddie). Not sure how that happened?

Bryce had a funny laugh as a newborn that still cracks me up to think about.

Bryce is a child prodigy/genius and I'm glad he's my nephew and not my brother I have to compete with. I would look like a fool.

tookiecramer said...

Bryce is also a way better speller than me. Is speller a word? Bryce?