Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh Noes, Another Political Rant

Some of the few people who read this blog may remember my first post, in which I offended many with my thoughts following the presidential election. After that post, you moved on and I moved on. My expressions that I hoped the new president would do well were sincere, and my attitude was "the guy won, fair enough, now let's see what he can do."

As it turns out, what he can do is to offend me deeply within just a few days of taking office.

So we're closing the Guantanamo prison camp. What now? What do we do with all the guys there that want to kill us? Where are we going to put new prisoners? (unless you are just telling the army to not accept surrenders any more, that's fine). Are we going to bring them back home and give them lawyers and trials? Set them free on technicalities and let them out to plot how to kill us some more? This one is a victory for the bad guys. And I believe it was President Obama's first official act, first significant one anyway.

Oh wait, that wasn't even the point. The prison closing wasn't even what I was writing about.

What really offended me was that now our chief executive has ordered that my tax dollars must go to pay for abortions. This isn't even here at home. This is "foreign aid" that will go out to third world countries to kill unborn babies there. And I have no say in it. Why does this allocation of funds even fall under exclusive executive authority?

At a time when America can barely afford to help itself, we're going to continue to spend untold millions to help people around the world. In my opinion, this is something that private organizations should be involved in, not the federal government (not that it's anything new). But the new President wants to help them by killing their babies. And there's nothing I can do about it. This is offensive to me on multiple levels.

He said he wanted to unite us. He said he wanted to bring about change for good. He said it's not about politics, it's about doing what's right for America. So he starts off by not even being able to wait a week to make the most extreme liberal policy change possible on one issue, and the most idiotic, short-sighted, endangering-America policy change possible on another issue.

I had an open mind, but I don't know how open I am to four years of this, if this is how it's going to be.

Multiple choice: Whose rights should we value and prioritize more?
(a) Innocent unborn children
(b) Terrorists who want to kill us just for being Americans or non-Muslims

Obama's preference is clear.

Can America change? Can we start right now and open up the floodgates of wrongheaded policy? You know the answer: YES, WE CAN.

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