Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Multiple Choice Quiz

A prize will be awarded to the first reader who gives a correct answer to how this happened to Bryce.

Here are your possible answers:
A. Got hit in the eye in latest cagefight match (but he won).
B. Was trying to catch a Brett Favre bullet pass.
C.Put his eye too close to the scope on his first time shooting Dad's high powered rifle.
D. A high speed sibling chase through the house caused Mom's potted plant to fall off the archway in the front hall.
E. Got a little crazy with the Wii Remote trying to make the Mario Kart go faster.
F. Mouthed off to Mom, and Dad had to put him in his place.
G. He stole an old lady's shopping cart and she hit him with her purse.
H. Wiped out on a snowboard which then hit him in the face.
I. Was trying to do this trick.
J. Attacked by sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads.
K. Tripped and fell down the stairs while walking around with his shoes untied.
L. Bryce and Jayson both got those big green Hulk fists for Christmas and this is the result.
M. Hit in the eye by a canned ham dropped from the top of a building by David Letterman.
N. Elbowed in the eye by his dad starting a leaf blower (this really happened, but to Jayson not Bryce).
O. It turns out you're not supposed to put marbles in those mouth-powered marshmallow guns (Jayson is now grounded).
P. New model Super Soaker Zero Degree shoots icicles instead of water.
Q. Bowling injury, related to tragically poor bowling skill.
R. Was attacked with a broom by crazy old Mr. Bartleby down the street while collecting fast offerings.
S. It turns out this is the tragic potato gun accident foreseen by Grandpa Bingham.
T. The pool volleyball scene from "Meet the Parents" was accidentally reenacted at this week's Scout activity.

Make your guess and check comments for the correct answer.


Jared said...

The correct answer is: H.

Oh - sorry about that prize. It was going to be some cookies but we ate them all.

Marcie said...

hey, you can't answer your own quiz. I knew this one too.

Lauren said...

darn, i was hoping it was going to be a bit more dramatic like: E, G, J, L, O, or even R. Any of those would have been better stories! haha, i think you should tell bryce to just "tweak" the story a bit to be more like one of them...i do have to say, that is one nice black eye though.