Monday, December 15, 2008

Disney, Day Four

Today we visited Disney's Hollywood Studios. This was my favorite of the Disney parks so far. There were a few less people (maybe), and the best rides so far: the roller coaster (featuring Aerosmith) is like Space Mountain times five, and the Tower of Terror is the kind of ride I would not normally go on, but Kyla shamed me into it. It was fun but I prefer solid ground under my feet and to generally stay around 1.0 G, so I was ready to check it off on my list after one run. Kyla wanted to go again. Unfortunately, we didn't make it back to that one, but we did do the Aerosmith coaster three times.

Today was also our biggest day of standing in line to get photos taken with a nonverbal person in a plastic costume, which is starting to make the Cheerful Dad feel a little "Disney-ed out." Looking forward to Animal Kingdom and the Everest ride tomorrow, but I'm fine with there not being any more Disney parks to go to after that. Actually, there are. Don't tell our kids.


Lynda said...

Hi everyone!
Thanks for keeping us posted on your adventures. We are basically cold and jealous. Go, Jared for riding on Tower of Terror, and go Kyla, for making that happen. Loved your picture on Small World. You are more and more your father's son the older you get. Carry on with the blogging. We're thinking of you.
Grandma Bingham

Jen said...

It sounds like you've had a great time! Even if you're getting a little too much "Disney" !