Monday, December 29, 2008

The day after

Christmas morning, the kids unwrapped a letter from Jared that told them that the nice "man in brown" would be delivering "Rock Band 2" the next day (Dec. 26th).  The kids were thrilled!  Later that evening, Jared realized that the shipping address he had entered was at his office, which would be closed.  The morning of, he talked to "Brown" and found out that it would be delivered between 1-2:30 pm and left at the appropriate time to sit in his office and wait.  Around 4pm, he noticed "Brown" across the street at the bank, aka his former office.  He then wonders if he accidently sent it to his old address and goes online to investigate.  Sure enough, that is what he did.  He runs outside in time to see the truck drive off.  He goes across the package delivered to the bank.  He jumps in his truck to try and catch "Brown" and gets stuck in a snow bank.  By the time he gets out, the truck is gone.  But wait... Jared calls "Brown".  They get ahold of the driver.  He is in Springville.  Jared goes to Springville.  Jared saves the day.  Jared gets home by 5:30pm.  Not quite how we imagined the day.  Rock Band, however is a huge hit!  We played for 5 1/2 hours.  
Next time Jared, leave the shopping to the women!

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Lauren said...

hahahhaha! hahhahaha! wait, I'm not done...hahahaha!
I can't believe Jared went to that much trouble to get his Rock Band, besides the fact that he does not seem to know his own address! I think you guys should be a little concerned...