Saturday, February 20, 2010

Judges please!

At Kyla's second meet, she thought she did really well on her floor routine. I thought she did really well, too. Apparently we know crap. The judges gave her a 6.55, which was the lowest of her team. Other girls had some wobbles, some failed tricks, etc. and still scored higher, but even with a pretty good looking routine and completing her tricks, she got the lowest score. She wants to know what she is doing wrong so she can improve, but besides a few minor things, we don't know what she is doing wrong. Any gymnasts or coaches out there who can clue us in?!! Please!!


Lynette said...

I have been filled in a little by her coach. Apparently, you can have a good looking routine and get a poor score or have a bad looking routine and get a good score. You get so many points for the major elements, but deductions for all these different little things, like a bent knee or your body not being angled just right and so on. So, you can fall on your head on all your tricks, but look good in between and get a higher score than someone who nails the tricks and wobbles here and there or has a bent let during a jump. Doesn't quite seem right to me, but at least now we know that she has to pay more attention to the little details.

Lori said...

The girl right above her in the group photo appears to be her twin. Kyla, I thought you looked amazing. I am quite impressed!

Lori said...

The group photo from the post before this one. :)