Monday, February 22, 2010


Kyla set a hula hoop record. She hula hooped for over 1 hour non-stop.

Amaya (after waiting for over a month for the new medallions) received her Young Woman's Recognition award on February 7th.

Bryce turned 14 on February 15th, passed off his Deacon's portion of the Duty to God, became a varsity scout, and was ordained to the office of Teacher on February 21st. (The cake tasted a lot better than the picture makes it look...White Chocolate Coconut!)

Bryce and Jayson earn 7 merit badges each and Jayson is awarded his First Class Scout rank. Bryce also earned his "On my Honor" award.

Amaya's club volleyball team also won the tournament that they had this week end. She played very well!


tookiecramer said...

Wow! You have some smart, adorable kiddie! Congratulations everybody!

Lori said...

Kyla, we are both crazy...I hula-hooped for over an hour once too!! Well done Bingham kids. You guys rock!