Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Baby Is 9

Kyla turned 9 today! I was asked to do the birthday party blog, because Lynette has a sore back and is enjoying (hopefully) a nice tub soak right now. In case you were confused by this photo, please note that Kyla actually has a normal 9 year old skin complexion and that this is a "costume" with "makeup."

Oh yes, and she has glasses now, in case we forgot to blog about that.

I wanted to point out for our readers my wife's awesomeness in the field of birthday cake construction. One of her best efforts to date, this Halloween/ Birthday Haunted House Cake may have fetched four figures at the Cub Scout bake sale. Unfortunately, this work of art was cut up and consumed by a ravenous horde of party guests before I could properly preserve it and put it up for auction.


Marcie said...

That is a great cake. Wow! And Happy Birthday Kyla. Love the costume.

Jen said...

What a cake!!!Lynette is amazing...once again! Happy Birthday Kyla...Love the costume!