Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break

For the first time in I don't know how long, we actually did something for spring break. Our nephew, Parker, was getting baptized on Saturday (in Grand Junction), so we decided to make a trip of it and go to Arches National Park on our way there. We spent 2 days hiking around the park and saw some incredible sites! It was BEAUTIFUL! The last time I had been there was when I was 8 and it was in the dead of summer... HOT! This was a much more enjoyable time to go. It was a first for Jared and the kids. Some of Jared's siblings joined us the second day. We had a great time and there was very little complaining.

The baptism was also very nice.  Parker looked handsome in his suit and his white jumpsuit.  Bryce and Amaya provided the prelude and post-lude as well as the opening and closing songs.  They did a very nice job.  Apparently, baptisms are very tiring.  This was the scene at Lori's house after the baptism.


Marcie said...

looks like a great spring break!

tookiecramer said...

I love the picture of my Dad. That must be a little bit what I look like when sleeping. Dave says my jaw hangs about 4 inches away from my face. I've tried to replicate the expression while awake and apparently, it can't be done. Now I know it's genetic.

j, l, c, p, e, e said...

Nice sleeping pics! It looks like Arches was amazing. Thank you for coming out this way. Amaya and Bryce were great to do all that they did for the program. Loved having you here!