Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Eyes Have It

I love eyes, and these are the eyes I love most. Eyes tell you so much about how someone is feeling. Today we have a random sampling of eye-motions!
We have silly eyes:

We have angry/crazy eyes:
We have eyes that are being difficult, but look sleepy at the same time:
We have happy eyes:
We have the mother eye's that see all:
And finally, the loving father eyes:
Beware, we are all watching you!


tookiecramer said...

No offense Jared but when I read the..."and finally..."and saw your eyes, I expected it to say "old eyes". You need a nap. Having made that rude comment I will add, you have a family of beautiful eyes.

j, l, c, p, e, e said...

Love this little commentary on the eyes. Winner of my favorite eyes...

Shellie Olsen said...

I love the eyes! It was fun to guess who was who. I vote for Kyla as having the most expressive eyes, however!