Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Message 2010

Well hello again everyone. You can tell I'm not a real blogger, since I haven't blogged anything since Maui. It's my assignment to write the Christmas family update - if you bother to look this up after getting our card, it must mean you really love us.

In the interest of not being boring, I've decided to update you on some things our family hasn't accomplished this year:

  • Once again, none of us ran a marathon. (Check with my sister Lori's family for that). As far as exercise goes, I think I fouled out of ward basketball a couple times and found out that from our house to Woodland Hills Drive is exactly a 2 mile run).
  • No one graduated from any universities anywhere with any degrees. (But the older kids are well on their way with their 4.0 GPAs, and Amaya got a more than respectable 25 on her first crack at the ACT).
  • No one got married or had any babies. (Thankfully! At least 6-8+ years on that please).
  • There were once again no job changes or moves (again, thankfully. We plan to keep it that way).
And a few things we DID accomplish in 2010:
  • Over the years there have been a few Mom-Dad only exotic vacation trips. As our kids have gotten older, the guilt trips they have started to throw at us over these getaways without them have become increasingly burdensome. As a result, they got to come along on an exotic vacation to Hawaii. (See earlier blog entries). We had an awesome time and were glad we got to bring the kids. (Note: this story is not meant to imply that whining should get you anywhere. It's just that our kids have gotten old enough that it's actually fun, and not just more work, to bring them along).
  • 2 out of 2 of our sons survived their first tackle football season without major injuries. We feel good about this ratio.
  • Jared finally fulfilled his lifelong dream of taking his boys along on a deer hunt in which they (at least Bryce) could actually legally hunt. Those familiar with Jared's past hunting success will not be surprised to hear that this hunt lasted approximately 30 minutes and resulted in no deer seen. The first half of the intended hunting day instead became a baby-delivering day. After that, all we had time to do was drive around in a blizzard and try not to get the truck permanently stuck.
  • A couple of old beat up picnic tables at the Utah State Developmental Center now have nice new roofs and new paint jobs. In related news, Bryce became an Eagle Scout this year.
  • We had decided previously that in our family, those completing their Eagle Scout and/or Young Women Recognition Award would be rewarded with receive an iPod Nano as a gift. After Bryce completed his Eagle Board of Review and was officially an Eagle Scout, there was discussion as to whether he should get the iPod at that time or wait until his court of honor a month or two later. We decided to give it to him before the court of honor, and learned that a month or two is plenty of time for Bryce to leave an iPod in the pocket of his pants and run it through the laundry at least once. (In case this is unclear to some of you, iPod circuitry does not respond well to total immersion). By the time Bryce actually received his Eagle badge, he was once again Nano-less.
  • Kyla continued to amaze us, of course, with a lot of triple-back-twist-flip-somervault type things, and just by being a generally awesome kid.
  • Between the six Binghams we racked up, by my count, about 40 nights of camping, including finally making it to Lake Powell.
In all seriousness, we're grateful for the blessed and eventful year we've had and for the chance to appreciate our Savior more fully this season. We wish you and yours the best of times and hope we can get together soon.


Lynda said...

I love you enough to check out the blog post. Great post! You have had a good year and you have four awesome children. I'm proud to be their grandma. Love you all!

Marcie said...

Funny! I like the deer hunting stories...that is about how they go at our house. I check your blog...and i didn't even get a Christmas card.

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