Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh the shame!

Oh, the shame of it all! Jack was forced to wear the CONE OF SHAME this week, and it was hilarious and sad at the same time.

Back up to about 1 week ago. I was going to bed one night at about midnight. Jared was downstairs doing whatever he does down there until the wee hours of the morning, so I couldn't use him as back up when my non-surround sound hearing heard a cat fight. Usually Jack is in the backyard, so I checked there first. Nothing. Then I check the front. Nothing. Then I went to bed. About 2 days later, we noticed that Jack had a big scab on his nose and a smaller one above his eye. A day later, his nose was swollen some, but we decided to just watch it. Sunday after church, Kyla noticed something purplish dried up by the scab on his nose. I decided it needed to be cleaned with a little hydrogen peroxide, which led to a whole lot of pus draining out. Thus, a trip to the vet for antibiotics... so I thought. I took him in Monday afternoon, thinking we would be able to get the drugs and leave. No such luck. Anesthesia, surgery to drain the abscesses, 2 penrose drains, and a night in the hospital later... THE CONE OF SHAME!!!!
Poor Jack has looked so sad.  We feel bad for him, but we just can't help laughing as he walks around bumping his cone into everything.  The chairs, table, doors, walls...  The funniest thing, however, was when he decided to get a drink... from the toilet.  He got stuck.  He kept trying to pull his head out, but he was too close to the seat, so he would lift up... bonk... try again... bonk... again... bonk... over and over again until we quit laughing long enough to help him out.  We only wish we could have been thinking enough to grab the camera.  Here is one more picture of the poor kitty with the drains.

Don't worry. Jack is on the mend. He got his drains out today and no longer has to wear the CONE OF SHAME.


Lori said...

Still laughing. It seems some punk neighborhood kitty needs to leave Jack alone for a bit.

Glad he is on the mend.

Marcie said...

That's funny. I wonder what the other cat looks like?

Jen said...

Poor Jack!