Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our "new" house

On the lighter side, I thought I would share with you our "new" house!  No, we did not move. We just remodeled.  It might have been easier to move.

First we ripped out the "soft" alder floors and replaced them with Andean Pecan "hard"wood floors.  They are a little wild, but I love them.  They tie all my woods in nicely.

Next, we took out our cracked countertops and replaced them with quartz countertops. Jared's brother, Mike, came down and helped us tile the backsplash. I think it turned out awesome.

Finally, we had to replace all the floor baseboards (ripped out to do the floor). We did this ourselves. Both the ripping and the replacing. Jared's dad did help us paint the baseboards with a sprayer he borrowed from his friend. Damon also helped us out one day. I really like the look of the taller baseboards.

The "new" house! Thanks to everyone who helped!


Josh said...

I LOVE your new floors. But I am shocked. They seem so edgy. But I think they turned out great. I am also a fan of the tall baseboard. Always a classy look. Good work! Can't wait to see it in person.

Rae said...

BEAUTIFUL job on everything in your kitchen. It looks SO nice Now I know who to get to help me when I get mine.... which will probably be LONG after you have remodeled for the 2nd time....

j, l, c, p, e, e said...

I love the mom-ism that became the title of your new blog!

As I mentioned earlier, I am in love with a wood floor. The photos don't quite capture how beautimous (momism) it really is!

Randy and Kari said...

Lynette, good to see you on here! And the kitchen looks great!